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I have been sadly remiss in not thanking you profusely for the reefer book. Too many other things going on. I liked it greatly (always been a fan of the advertising) and I'll just have to find a way to do a war bonds or 2.
You're welcome. Knew you would like it.

Working away on Illusions. Now I'm worrying that I'm making too big a deal about it and over writing what could be in captions. Do you have a guideline on appropriate word count or whatever. We don't need a 1000 page book.
We really don't have any guideline, though you are right, we don't want it (realistically) to go over 350 or 400 pages. I've always believed that the book should be the size it needs to be, within that limit. You're right that overlong captions can be a problem. I'd recommend putting that material in the text and referring to the photo from there. If the text is marked as to where a photo needs to fit, the layout person can readily make it all work. And in any case, you would have a chance to look over and correct the preliminary layout.

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