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Hi Brian,

I have a great e-photo of RPRX 571, circa 1950, clearly showing ARA
trucks. This car does not have the large herald, which I believe was
applied on/after 1952. I have another e-photo of RPRX 562 with the
large Indian-head herald that shows ARA trucks and replacement
Improved Dreadnaught ends. I'm finishing two ca. 1950 cars and am
using Accurail ARA trucks.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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In Richard Hendrickson's article in the December 1987 issue of Model
Railroading on Mather Boxcars and Reefers there are a few photos of
reefers leased to Rath. Unfortunately, many of the photos are
small and it is hard to see what trucks Mather Reefers had in the
1950's. I picked up a Red Caboose Mather Reefer kit for Rath with
Indian head "Blackhawk" scheme. The kit came with Spring plank
trucks.(Accurail ones.) I believe these are correct, Does anyone
know the
most common trucks under Mather Reefers in the 1950's? I should
note this
model has wood ends, some of the Mather cars were rebuilt with
dreadnaught ends and appear to have received new trucks also.

Gene Green's excellent Reefer book has some Rath cars also but I
clearly tell what trucks are on the cars in the photo on the bottom
of page
71 and top of page 72.

Any help would be appreciated.

Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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