a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

Robert kirkham

I'm thinking about the modelling options for the SC&F tank car offerings. I've at least one Standard Tank car in private ownership paint and lettering I can justify, but I'm hoping to find more generic uses for these models. Just wondering about the 6000 gallon and 8000 gallon cars (or any of the others projected) from Southern Car & Foundry as possible matches to any of the cars purchased over the years (second hand I imagine) by GATX?

As has been explained on this list a few times by those of you who have really studied the subject, the GATX fleet was in part comprised of many the tank cars of many other smaller companies through acquisitions (both corporate purchases and purchase of assets alone?) made by the company. I also vaguely understand that most of this had happened into the thirties so that by the time I model (1946) it was largely done. It is also evident that a certain number of the cars they took over were Standard Tank car designs, similar to the models now about to come on lien from Southern car & Foundry.

As a result, is there any broader collection of evidence to justify numbering each of the varieties of cars offered by SC&F into GATX lettering? Are number series available. I can't see using specialty service cars like Kellogg's for my modeling north of the border in Vancouver, so would like to hear about the more generic GATX fleet.....

thanks in advance,

Rob Kirkham

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