Re: a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 11, 2008, at 10:18 PM, Rob Kirkham wrote:

I'm thinking about the modelling options for the SC&F tank car
I've at least one Standard Tank car in private ownership paint and
I can justify, but I'm hoping to find more generic uses for these
Just wondering about the 6000 gallon and 8000 gallon cars (or any
of the
others projected) from Southern Car & Foundry as possible matches
to any of
the cars purchased over the years (second hand I imagine) by GATX?

When GATC acquired the George Woodsmith holdings in 1928, they got
not only the STC plant at Sharon, PA but also the Standard Tank Car
Co.'s STCX leasing fleet as well as the Quaker City Tank Line, and
in later years they took over a variety of STC cars from private
owners who sold their tank car fleets to General American. I have
numerous photos of STC cars after they were absorbed into the GATX

Richard Hendrickson

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