Re: a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 12, 2008, at 7:26 AM, Gene Green wrote:

Don't forget that GATX acquired Standard Tank Car in 1928. Whether
this was GATX's only tank car manufacturing facility or one among
several I can't say but, at least for a while, GATX would have been
manufacturer of tank cars to Standard's designs. It is quite likely
they would have manufacturered "Standard" tank cars for their own
(GATX manufacturered tank cars in Chicago in earlier years.)

At the time GATC acquired STC and its large, modern plant in Sharon,
PA, GATC was building new tank cars both at East Chicago, IN and
Warren, OH. Photographic evidence indicates that the shift in
manufacturing tank cars to the Sharon works took place fairly rapidly
and that the STC designs were discontinued almost immediately, though
as late as 1930 some cars of GATC design were stenciled as being
built by STC (i.e., at Sharon rather than East Chicago or Warren).
Apparently GATC did not purchase (or build) new tank cars of STC
design for its own fleet, but with the purchase of STC it acquired
STC's own leasing fleet, operated as the Standard Transit Co., which
numbered more that 2,800 cars in 1928. Subsequently GATC acquired
many additional STC cars when it purchased and leased back the tank
cars of various petroleum companies (e.g. Texaco, Phillips) and other
private owners (e.g., Quaker City Tank Line, Pennsylvania-Conley Tank
Car Co.) GATC's East Chicago and Warren plants continued to repair
and maintain tank cars, and of course East Chicago had expanded in
the 1920s to become the location where GATC built many new cars of
other types. Much if this information is covered in Ralph C.
Epstein, GATX: A History of the General American Transportation
Corporation, 1898-1948 (New York, North River Press, 1948).

Richard Hendrickson

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