Re: a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

Robert kirkham

Not in Canada I'm afraid. Basically, Google books doesn't allow Canadian addresses to download out of copyright books. Its been the case with numerous other very interesting volumes that are mentioned on this list from time to time.

Meanwhile, thanks to Richard and so many others for the info on the Standard tank component of the GATX fleet. A friend (part of the local tank car fraternity) has ordered a hard copy of Epstein's book, so I'll be working out how to borrow it some time soon.

A follow up question: where we have a photo of a car in a given GATX number series, is it likely that all or most other cars in the series are of the same design?

Also, I think I have heard the Standard Tank bolster/saddle part described as a diaphragm. Maybe I'm wrong about that - its a vague memory. Any comments on the unique (I perceive) design used by Standard and the correct nomenclature for it?

Rob Kirkham

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You can look at the book Richard referenced here:


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