Re: a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

Larry Grubb <larry450sl@...>

I am not familiar with the particular design in question, but when researching Type 21 tank cars, the correct nomenclature for the support at the center underside of the tank was "saddle" and the supports above the bolsters were "cradles". The tank was attached to the saddle and rested on the cradles, thus allowing for expansion.
Larry Grubb

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...> wrote:
Rob Kirkham wrote:
Also, I think I have heard the Standard Tank bolster/saddle part
described as a diaphragm. Maybe I'm wrong about that - its a vague
memory. Any comments on the unique (I perceive) design used by
Standard and the correct nomenclature for it?
Rob, it's a distinctive and even signature appearance,
unmistakable as a Standard Tank design, but functionally not unlike
other builders' designs, as a combined bolster and tank saddle. I've
never heard it called a "diaphragm."

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