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Intermountain is now advertising two GN plywood panel boxcars.
No. 46051 BLT 9-45 is labeled "original" & is green with orange sides.
No. 46052 BLT 9-45 labeled "mineral red" is apparently all box car red.

Has anyone seen these cars "in the flesh?" If yes, are there any
really egregious inaccuracies?

Apparently these cars were numbered in series 10000-10499 & 10500-
10899. One of the first series and two of the second series appear on
the Landmesser hot box list so I think I should have a couple on my
model railroad.

I infer that "original" means the as delivered paint scheme.

If this inference is correct the question is, when were the GN plywood
panel boxcars repainted mineral red?

BTW, it is always September 1950 on my model railroad.

Gene Green
Mr. Green,
I haven't seen the cars "in the flesh", but if the photos of the car on John Golden PBase
page are any indication, I won't be getting rid of my Sunshine cars anytime soon. I just
think the details are executed better, especially the sidesills.

As far as paint schemes, the earliest pictures of mineral red GN plywood boxcars I have
seen have repaint dates of 1953. For your era, I would stick with the orange scheme.

Robert D. Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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