Hi-Tech airbrake hose installations

Andy Carlson

Looking closely at the new Hi-Tech air brake hose, I don't see a need for the PSC airhose bracket.

The Hi-Tech part has a length of train air line of about 26 inches molded as part of the hose, and this hose has a mounting bracket cast as part of the hose with an angle cock shut off valve molded on as well. If someone were to use a small brass lift ring the air line could be attached to the side of the coupler draft gear box for a simple and very secure attachment. There would be no need to use the (redundant)PSC bracket. Other mounting locations, like to a small plate suspended from the end sill, could still be provided by using the same small lift rings as a mounting clamp. Glue might even be unnecessary.

It sure is nice to have these fine scale features in a non-breakable material.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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