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Ian Cranstone

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Did DW&P freight cars ever undergo a renumbering? I found a builder's
photo of DW&P 30426, a 36' double-sheathed truss-rod boxcar built in
November, 1916, and am wondering if this might not later have become part
of the 400800-401549 series of 36' boxcars listed in the April 1942 ORER.
It did. When the Canadian Northern system (including the DW&P) was amalgamated with others to form the Canadian National Railways in 1918, the new system moved to rationalize the numbering systems of its various predecessors. In December 1920 a renumbering guide was issued for former Canadian Northern, Canadian Government Railways, DW&P and Intercolonial equipment which neatly grouped equipment by general type into new series. A second such guide was issued in 1923 to cover Grand Trunk and Grand Trunk Pacific equipment.

DW&P 30426 was assigned into the 4xxxxx series, which was reserved for 40-ton boxcars, and this particular car was assigned DW&P 401013. A CN built date summary from the 1920s shows a built date of October 1916 for this particular car, but I have seen stencilled dates vary from the official recorded dates before.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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