Re: Modeling a PS-5 Gondola in HO

Tim O'Connor

The NCC 52'6" gondola sides represented a Greenville gondola --
the Proto 2000 car. The NCC ends were unique to rebuilds of the
NYC cars.

Many years ago National Car Cast of Canada produced styrene side and end castings for a NYC gon.
The sides had great
similarities to the PS-5 sides but that every other of the PS-5 side ribs were heavier than the
others, which should be
Staffan (or anybody), do you know if those NCC sides and ends were dead-on correct for any other
roads? I have a set (or two?) of them, guided by Jim Eager, and I think he said that there were
other prototype matches, but I have misplaced whatever notes I made at the time.


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