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It's that slow connection. Can't get through thr rain drops.


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CJ, you do realize your emails arrive wrinkled from being wet, don't you?


We freight car guys in Seattle welcome you warmly. It doesn't rain as much as you might
think....it just seems that way.

CJ Riley
Bainbridge Island
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Hi Fellow list buddies.
I writing this to let you know I will not be at Cocoa Beach this
year. I am moving back to Seattle area By the end of Dec. I never
really liked Florida. We came down to look after my wife's Mother.
She died in Jan 2007 and my wife died in Oct 2007. I have a daughter
in Seattle. She wants me to move out there. I will still be on the
list but my health is going down hill and this will probably be my
last plane flight..
Thank you all
Larry Jackman
ljack70117@comcast. net
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