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Ed Hawkins

On Nov 15, 2008, at 2:48 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

NC&StL #18503 (1937 AAR) -- correct trucks?
NC&Stl #22043 (PS-1) -- running board, hand brake?

Regarding Ed Hawkins' PS-1 spreadsheet, what is the P/B
column? I thought it might be tackboard placement (H/L)
but then some of the cells are "H/O"... ??
From the bill of materials for the NC&StL 1937 AAR cars series
18500-18999, all cars had AAR spring plankless trucks with the first
250 from Scullin and the last 250 from American Steel Foundries. All
cars had chilled wheels.

I don't have an appliance breakdown on the NC&StL PS-1s except that
Miner, Ajax, and Universal hand brakes were used as well as Kerrigan,
U.S. Gypsum, and Apex running boards & brake steps.

Cars 22071 and 22145 that were in the front end of the order received
Miner hand brakes and Kerrigan running boards & brake steps. This is
documented by photos. Car 22322 had a U.S. Gypsum running board & brake
step. Cars 22482 & 22631 had Universal hand brakes and Apex running
boards & brake steps.

In the 40' PS-1 roster I compiled, P/B refers to the placement of the
Placard Boards on the doors. The first letter (either H or L)
designates if the door placard was in a high or low position. The
second portion designates if the placard was centered (C) or offset (O)
to one side. Any number (either a 2 or 3) designates the panel position
of the placard for variations found on 6-panel Superior doors. For
variants of 7-panel Superior doors, I don't specify where the placard
was located because the location is inherent in the door description.

Contact me off list if you have any questions.
Ed Hawkins

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