Re: a GATX prototype for SC&F tanks?

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Rob Kirkham wrote:
Also, I think I have heard the Standard Tank bolster/saddle part
described as a diaphragm. Maybe I'm wrong about that - its a vague
memory. Any comments on the unique (I perceive) design used by
Standard and the correct nomenclature for it?
Rob, it's a distinctive and even signature appearance,
unmistakable as a Standard Tank design, but functionally not unlike
other builders' designs, as a combined bolster and tank saddle. I've
never heard it called a "diaphragm."

Tony Thompson
Is it too late for me to chime in here? "Diaphragm" is a fabricator's
term, possibly now archaic, for a web that spaces structural members.
Used in this manner, any built-up bolster consists of four pressed
steel diaphragms, top and bottom cover plates, a center filler and
possibly end fillers. The usage of the term is correct, but hardly
unique to the Standard Tank Car Co. bolsters.


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