seeking contact info for Paul Yurko or Frank Szachacz or NH photo collectors

lnbill <bwelch@...>

I have been alerted to the fact a very rare photo of a Fruit Growers
Express steel rebuild from their 52680-52799 series appeared
in "Classic Freight Cars -- The Series" Vol. 5: NE Railroad Work
Equipment by Paul G. Yurko.

The photo is of New Haven I-79 with the photo credited to a Frank

The book was published in 1994 by H&M Productions, 193-07 45 Ave.,
Flushing, NY 11358. ISBN #1-882608-05-4.

I will be writing to this address also but I know publishers often
can go defunct.

If anyone knows how to contact Mr. Yurko or Mr. Szachacz, please
contact me offline at bwelch@...

Alternatively if there are New Haven photo collectors seeing this,
or if you can send this on to someone you know who is, that may be
another route to finding the photo.


Bill Welch

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