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We'll have another Shake and Take project this coming January in Cocoa Beach and there are a few
who know what the
project will be; however, they have sworn to secrecy for the minute.?

This year's project will be a bit of a tougher?challenge than those of the past.?In order to keep
this a bit more managable
this year we?are going to reduce the?number of those?that can actually participate as the kits are
far more limited than in
the past.

As I finish the prototype for the event in the next few?days I?will?actually announce the subject
far ahead of the event so
only those that are truly interested sign up in advance and please remember that I have to keep
some slots open for those
not connected to the internet that show up and are interested?and the local folk.?Specific
challenges to me for this
project have come from our own Richard Hendrickson, it will be a memorable car. ?

Kind words from Al Brown and of course the whole idea of this is to?share skills and tips.?The key
word here is

Greg Martin ?

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I didn't participate in the X45 clinic out of guilt at not having
finished the previous two, but (1) the KCS car is now done; (2) an FGEX
car, done by the techniques of the Kahn's clinic, is now in the paint
shop; and (3) I'll bring them both, along with some other stuff. Greg's
clinics have made a big difference to my modelling.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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This is a short note to exhort those who participated in Greg
Martin'skitbash PRR X45 kitbash clinic at Cocoa Beach this past
January (and who will be attending this year) to bring their
cars for display to Cocoa this January 8-11.

It is endlessly fascinating to me to observe closely how highly
skilled modelers will independently each have a slightly different
take on how to reach the same goal!


Denny S. Anspach MD

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