M&StL 1958 cu. ft. Covered Hoppers


In 1953 the M&StL had two groups of 1958 cu. ft. covered hoppers. One group of 50 cars
numbered 70101 - 70199 and the other group of 10 cars numbered 70051 - 70069. Both
car number groups were odd only. The 50 car group has been well documented. The unique
feature of the group of 50 is that the rooftop hatches had equidistant spacing rather than the
far more common spacing of most other 1958 cu ft cars in which the center two hatches on
each side were relatively  close together.  I've never seen any pictures or information about
the group of 10 numbered 70051 -70069.

     With the soon to be available  kit of  1958 cu. ft. covered hoppers from Intermountain  I'd
like to build some M&StL cars of both groups.  Can anyone tell me the roof hatch spacing of
the group of 10? Whether they were equidistant hatch spacing or the more common center
hatches close together?  Information on the year built,  running board type and paint color
(probably black) would also be helpful. the posting of this question on the Yahoo M&StL
group has so far drawn a blank. Thanks in advance. Don Smith

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