Re: Goodyear Coal Hoppers

Jack Mullen

Steve and Charlie,
from Westerfield's Oct. 1919 ORER CD, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
listing dated Sept. 1919:

Cars marked G.T.&R.Co. or G.T.R.X.
Hopper 101-200 IL 40'2 IW 9'6 IH 7'1 OL 42' EW 10'1 ExW 10'1 3/8
Ht sides 10'6 Extr. Ht 11' 4 7/16 Capy 140,000# 100 cars

By the April 1925 ORER listing cubic capacity data is added, 2508
cuft. Still 100 cars.

Still 100 cars Dec.1930 ORER Not listed by July, 1935

from the W&LE listing from the 10/19 ORER:
Hopper, steel 77000-77999 IL 38'6 IW 9'5 1/2 OL 39'4 1/2 EW 10'2 1/4
Ht 10'3 Cuft 2365 Capy 140,000# 1000 cars

On that evidence, not the same.

Jack Mullen


I'm probably at the root of this mystery. I've made two visits to
the U of Akron Archives in the last year. ...
In the Goodyear archives at the U of A are photos of the new mine
rail car loading building. Beneath the loading chutes in one of the
photos a W&LE hopper #77981 can be partially seen. Behind it is a
Goodyear car. The reporting marks on the end are GT&R CO. but the
road number can't be made out. You can also extrapolate lettering
on the side of the car to read The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Again, no road number visible. The GT&R car looks to be brand new
in this early 20's era photo (an educated guess as to date) as does
the Wheeling car. The cars look similar as far as # of ribs go (the
only way of really comparing the cars from the photo) which would
lead one to believe the Wheeling influenced Goodyear as to the type
of car purchased. I'll bet someone took a photo of the new hoppers
the same day they shot the mine, but I've not located one in the

I've not found a clean photo of the W&LE 77000 series hoppers but
I'm betting the GT&R cars were the same...
Someone on the list no doubt has an equipment register of the era
and might be able to shed more light on the W&LE and GT&R cars based
on my sketchy starting point.

Steve Holzheimer
Greensboro, NC

--- In STMFC@..., "Charlie Vlk" <cvlk@> wrote:

That was my original question..... one of the AC&Y HS members
reported seeing a photo of a string of such cars at the Goodyear
plant on the AC&Y,
but the shot was partially blocked by a bluff, but showed that the
cars were indeed lettered for Goodyear. I don't have a copy of
that photo, and don't know
if one was made at the time of the research visit.
Charlie Vlk

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