Re: UTLX question

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 21, 2008, at 5:37 AM, comox11 wrote:

.... I have a number of the P2K ACF type 21 tank cars and am
wondering if the
ACF built UTLX cars were to an ACF design (like the type 21 and/or
type 27) or a UTLX design. TIA, Guy Brooke

Guy, the tank cars AC&F built new for UTL were all of UTL design.
However, UTL acquired the tank car fleets of many private owners,
especially during the depression years in the early 1930s, and the
P2K models are painted and lettered on the basis of photographic
evidence showing those second-hand cars after being repainted and
restenciled UTLX. So they are prototypically accurate, but it should
be added that they were only a small part of the UTL fleet; by far
the greatest number of UTLX tank cars were of UTL's own X-3 design.

Richard Hendrickson

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