Western Fruit Express Goes to the ICC

gary laakso

I came across an ICC filing on behalf of Western Fruit Express by Great Northern that was decided by the ICC on May 7, 1934. I have one question about the rebuilding of truss rod refrigerator cars authorized. Here is the nature of the filing:

"The maintenance for which our approval is sought consists of the repairing of 487 refrigerator cars by the substitution of steel sideframe truck for arch-bar trucks at an estimated cost of $52,160 and the rebuilding of 652 refrigerator cars by the application of steel underframes and other heavy repairs, the waterproofing of floors and application of side-sheathing angles, etc., at an estimated cost of $797,735, a total cost of $850,895. The cars were constructed in 1921 and 1922 with heavy wooden underframes and their constant use has resulted in the development of defects causing rejection, in some instances, of the cars in interchange...." The ICC noted that wood underframes would not be accepted in interchange after January 1, 1935 under ARA rules. The loan GN sought approval of was from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works.

My question is what did the waterproofing of the floors consist of? I would (no pun intended ) assume the old wood floors being replaced had been waterproofed.TIA

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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