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Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 21, 2008, at 3:12 PM, Justin Kahn wrote:

I recently picked up three Max gray [O scale] freight cars. One is
supposed to be the B&O offset quad, but the one I have has probably
incorrect hoppers, with the doors facing each other in each pair
rather than the center (apparently the Japanese DID build other
ones with the right configuration). I've research all the obvious
to see whether any prototypes exist for this, but the only quads
with the paired hoppers seem to be PRR H21 and H25 or Erie rebuilds
of old gondolas.
Anyone aware of any offset side quads with such hoppers?

Jace, the Wine Railway Equipment Co. developed such a car,
incorporating their cast steel hopper car door frames and interior
braces, and a photo of the sample car, WRAX 100, as well as scale
drawings, appeared in the 1931 Car Builders' Cyclopedia. The Max
Gray model may have been based on the Cyc drawings. The Santa Fe
purchased 75 cars of this design from the Richmond Car Co. in 1929
which became Santa Fe class Ga-24, nos. 181075-181149. In 1941 those
cars were equipped with second-hand box car roofs for bulk grain
service. I have photos of them in both forms. Other RRs may also
have bought cars of the Wine design, but if so I'm not aware of any

Richard Hendrickson

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