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Mike.... this is a super find! And I'm sure you're as suprised to find the
great range of cars in the consists as anyone. I'd like to make a trade with
you. If you share the tank car data with me, I'll swap what info I can
uncover regarding the L&N rolling stock. :-) Charlie

Charles Dean
Shelbyville, Ky.

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<< A quick look at the UP Freight conductor's book that I recently
acquired...thanks to Jeff Aley bringing it to my attention...shows some
interesting stuff. First, the book contains data on 35 UP trains between
Laramie and Rawlins [ to the west ], WY, over about a month and a half...Mar
6 to April 22, 1949.

As I have always maintained, every frt car...or one of its class...crossed
Sherman Hill at least once in its life. This book seems to prove that out.
The variety of RRs is impressive...not unexpected for a trunk line like UP in
Wyoming I suppose.

One train of particular interest is one carrying only ore. I cannot actually
tell if the ore carrying cars are in only one train or part of
another...given the structure of the book. Anyhow, the ore carrying cars are
all box cars. Perhaps most surprising is that none are UP. Roads included are
SLSF, NH [ NH?], IC, NYC, CN, NP, L&N, Milw, MP, ATSF, Q, RI, NKP, KCS, CNW,
SAL, and Sou and that's from a string of only 26 cars.

I have not dertimined destination completely. LA-4 and SP-1 are mentioned
frequently, as are numbers 2,3,5, & 6. The ore string of cars is going to Van
6. These destinations are not stations since 3 would be that for Omaha and
the referenced train is westbound.

Commodities are listed fairly well. For instance there are loads of wine,
oil, and gasoline and associated tank cars. One strange load is milk in ATSF
6970...a box car.

Naturally I had to check for the elusive N&W hopper....I can feel the crowd
grow tense, sudden silence in anticipation.

Here's a list of coal or coke carrying cars included in trains I've
checked...about half of the 35 listed: Loads are coal unless indicated.

1. Pennsy gon G-29 359601
2. B&O gon 261628
3. MP gon 72363
4. Lackawanna gon 66057
5. NYC gon 631040 coke
6. Frisco hopper 86496 coke
7. MKT gon 41492

8. N&W gon 91097
9. N&W gon 100350 pitch

Does this qualify me to win the cash prize...or bounty...offered [ or should
be offered ] by certain westcoast frt car aficionados ? Well, technically,
no. These are not hoppers. But, they were carrying coal. Now, if I can just
figure out what destination 3 is.

10. Frisco gon 84100
11. MP gon 66850
12. MP hopper 59413
13. L&N hopper 65073
14. Lehigh Valley hopper 24613
15. Q ballast hopper 221662
16. Q comp gon 166948
17. NYC gon 711577
18. Q ballast hopper 221725
19. KCS hopper 29107

There were a few UP cars also listed as carrying coal. Note that these are
all westbound except for NYC 711577. Also I expect to uncover empties coming
back east. BTW, seldom are more than 2 coal carrying cars in the same train.

Another perhaps oddity is a train of empties westbound consisting entirely of
UP cars and Sinclair tank cars. Sinclair was/is about 7 miles east of
Rawlins. I assume the train probably dropped the 60 or so Sinclair cars

Mike Brock...more to come >>

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