Re: Goodyear Coal Hoppers


Thanks to Jack and Rich for the ORER work. And to Al for reminding
me to look at Kline & Culotta. I usually go there first but since
the subject is a NKP family relation I bypassed that source. Good
photo with a note stating the WLE cars originally had longitudinal

I've posted two blow up views in the Photo section under the "GT&R
Hoppers" folder title. Look at pg 128 of K&C and compare the PRR
H21 to the long view of the three GT&R hoppers. It's tough to see
but based on close scrutiny of my photo of the orginal photo I'll
call the GT&R as having the same 4 self clearing doors. So perhaps
Goodyear contracted with the PRR for the cars. Where would the PRR
be building the H21a by this time (1916 - 1919)? I note in the text
on pg 128 that 1915 is marked as the start date for H21a, which fits
the GTR time line. Nothing like it in N scale though Charlie.

Contact me off list RE the decal project Charlie. I've been trading
cryptic messages with Ed since Naperville. I might be able to save
you some artwork development time.

Steve Holzheimer

--- In STMFC@..., "Charlie Vlk" <cvlk@...> wrote:

Steve (the source of this mystery), Jack and Rich-

Fellow N Scalers and AC&Y/ABB fans Ed Hunter and Scott Weiler laid
this one on me from Steve.
I hadn't done the ORER work yet; thanks Jack. Rich, it would be
nice if they did match the PRR H21a...
It is probable that a 100 car order for an industrial firm would
follow an existing design and likely be a tack-on to a batch already
being built.
I agree that somewhere a photo will turn up; that was my goal in
my original posting.
I am working with Ed and Scott to do artwork for AC&Y and ABB
decals and would likely throw these into the mix. I have to figure
out what
Ed and Scott need to do for me when I get the art done.....
Charlie Vlk

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