Polymer Corp., Ltd / Polysar tank cars

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

In looking through old annual reports of the Polymer Corporation, Ltd.
of Sarnia, Ontario, I found a photo of a UTLX tank car, #25100,
wearing Polymer Corp.'s "Polysar" logo. I've scanned it and uploaded
to the files section, as "polysar4.png" in the "Frank's Randomness"

Does anyone happen to have information on this? When did the lease
start (the date visible on the car is 1950), and how many cars were
leased? Were they all in the same series?

A related question: Polymer Corp. had a number of its own tank cars
from 1946 till the 60s, all TPI ICC 105A300W (I assume for
transporting butadiene and such monomers that require transportation
under pressure to keep it liquid). They were numbered 143, 146, 170,
171, 181 and 183. Does anyone know where I might find information on
or photos of these cars?


Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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