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The 1932-33 rebuilt C&O 173000-176999 (1500 cars total) panel-side 70-ton hops were triple saw-tooth hopper bay cars (orig had clam-shell center bays) with Dreadnaught (rib, over split-end rib, over rib) arched (round) ended end panels.

The C&O 71500-72999 series offset-side 70-ton hops had quad-bay (all facing towards the center of the car) and had angled end-extensions.

Al Kresse

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Thanks to Richard Hendrickson for the ATSF lead on the offset-side quad with atypical doors; while I could wish there were an eastern or at least midwestern prototype,
I am glad to have at least one possibility. And I do have one ATSF triple hopper from the collection of the late Lorrell Joiner which I have been reluctant to strip and redo.

The other problematic Max Gray car is a rib (i.e., external) side triple hopper with rounded end extensions; I already owned a similar car with panelsides, apparently a C&O prototype, so I would assume the C&O had these, as well (some of which were presumably re-built with the panelsides). My question is whether anyone else had these cars? The Max Gray spotters guide shows the plain ribside version lettered for T&P, but model railroaders were not so fastidious about prototype 30+ years ago.

Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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