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That is not Bisbee Arizona as far as I am concerned. My wife and I are from Cochise County of which Bisbee is the county seat. The area is not farmland but was mining and cattle ranching. Union Ice was a Southern California business, Crystal Ice was the major manufacturer in Phoenix. The PFE had its ice manufacturing plant in Tucson.
Joe Jacques

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Is that photo really from Bisbee Arizona? I thought Bisbee was
only a copper mining town. I can't find any information in the
PFE book on an icing plant or large produce facility in Bisbee.
The wide valley with background mountains looks more like Colton
or some other California location... It's not unusual for photos
on web sites to be misidentified.

Tim O'Connor

Courtesy of Bruce Morden from Carpenteria, CA, we have this link to a
LIFE Magazine photo showing PFE reefers being loaded in Arizona:

http://images. hosted/life/ f?imgurl= 72941a1fc7cd792c
<http://images. hosted/life/ f?imgurl= 72941a1fc7cd792c>

Bob Chaparro
Citrus Industry Modeling Group
http://groups. group/citrusmode ling/ <http://groups. group/citrusmode ling/>
Extremely 'cool' shot (sorry, bad pun). Would these reefers have been iced BEFORE this loading was
done, or after. I do see the "UNION ICE COMPANY" in the background.


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