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Tom Gloger

--- Ted Larson <mhrreast@...> wrote:
In the fifties (and later), I saw hoppers of lime unloaded at
the team track of my central Minnesota home town, . . .
. . . Does anybody have info about where agricultural lime
originated, what RR and type of cars it was shipped in?
In 1938:
I show over 10,000 tons of agricultural lime annually coming
from the Filer Fibre[sic] Plant in Filer City, MI. (C&O)
They made newsprint, and lime was used in the process.
My guess is this lime was "used."

The Minnequa Steel plant in Pueblo, Colorado, produced
Chemical fertilizers from basic slag. (C&S)

U.S. Gypsum in River Rouge, MI, produced "soil dressing" (GT)

Lime (not sure the kind) was also produced by
Charles Warner Company, Wilmington Delaware (PRR?)
Longview Saginaw Co., Saginaw, Alabama (L&N)
Missisquoi Lime Works, Highgate Springs, Vermont (CV)
Southern States Lime Corp., Crab Orchard, TN (Tennessee Cent.)
Palmer Lime Co., West York, Penn. (ca. 1930) (PRR)

I don't know what car types were used by the 1950s.

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