Re: BCK boxcar roof color?

B.T. Charles

Along with brown/black over spray, I would imagine that rotting
feed/flour would make the roof appear to be black as well.

Romi Romano

--- In, Bud Rindfleisch <BlackDiamondRR@...> wrote:

Hi guys,
I'm trying to help a friend with info on the roof color of the
Buffalo Creek boxcars, does anyone have that info? I am guessing when
new they were unpainted galvanized, but Champ's lettering book calls
b.c. red sides and roof and black ends. I know that many times those
sources are inaccurate.
My own experiences when I was a brakeman on the Buffalo Creek
(1968) was at that period in time none of the roofs were "color"
distinguishable they all were "grain spillage and pigeon dropping"
grunge (defintely not a Crayola color choice for the kiddies!)
My friend models the mid fifties if that helps.
Bud Rindfleisch

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