Wine Tank Cars

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 25, 2008, at 6:53 AM, John Hile wrote:

In the 1948 Bronx photo it is interesting to me that a few of the cars
appear to be non-insulated types. I have always associated wine
shipments with insulated tanks. Was this a rare event? If not, is
anyone aware of any non-insulated tanks (owners, reporting marks) in
California wine service during '52-'53?

I have a couple of photos of non-insulated tank cars in wine service
that were owned by the California Despatch Line of San Francisco
(reporting marks CDLX). Bear in mind that the wine that was shipped
in tank cars was not high quality stuff. Premium table wines were
bottled and aged at the winery and shipped in cartons, just as they
are today.

Richard Hendrickson

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