GARX 5300-5599 & URTX 72000-72299

Ed Hawkins

Does anyone have any photos or information that pertain to GARX 5300-5599 and URTX 72000-72299? A total of 8 cars (4 from each series) are listed on two wheel report consists in March 1959 on Missouri Pacific Train 70 departing Kansas City for St. Louis. All 8 cars had been loaded in Pueblo, Colorado with meat products. Their destinations include several eastern cities such as Philadelphia, Buffalo, and Georgetown, Delaware. The shipper and consignee were both American Stores.

Among other things I would like to determine the builder of the cars (most likely General American) and when the cars were built. I believe they were 40' wood reefers, but I've not been able to find a thing about the cars. Chances are they had been renumbered. Thanks in advance.
Ed Hawkins

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