Re: BCK boxcar roof color?

Thomas Baker


In O scale, the San Juan Car Company makes a Mather kit. If a person on this list has assembled such a car, he might be willing for a price to photocopy the plans which could be scaled down to S. On the other hand, the plans might be just text and isometric drawings which will help but not as much as elevation drawings. Is this the type of Mather car you're talking about? I would like to build one of them, too. I think C&IM also had some Mather SS cars.



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Bud Rindfleisch asked:
"Now those M&W Ball line cars......that's where I need more help

Which ones - the Mather cars or their secondhand rebuilt boxcars?

Ben Hom
I've been trying to find scale plans for the Mather patent Ball
line cars in either 1100 or 1200 series. I'd like to build at least
one in S scale.
Bud Rindfleisch


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