ATSF 1300-Series Wood Cabooses

Paul Hillman

Walthers is selling their ATSF 1300-series wood cabooses in 2 types,
either as the 1938 to 1943 version, or 1943 to Retirement version.

Their pictures for the 1938 to 1943 version, show the "right-side"
(offset cupola to the left) with 3 side-windows, & the ATSF lettering
with periods.

Their pictures for the 1943 to Retirement version, show the "left-
side" (offset cupola to the right) with 4 side-windows, & the ATSF
lettering without periods.

I couldn't find prototype pictures or drawings of the 1300's on the
ATSF historical site or elsewhere.

What were the 1943 changes? Just the lettering or the addition of a
4th window? The lettering style looks the same for both versions,
just the periods missing after 1943.

Also, always, the main question, this an "accurate" physical

Walthers part #'s, 932-27582 & 932-27583

Paul Hillman

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