Re: P&LE 36' DS box trucks

Dean Payne

The car number on the F&C website is 32329, I'm not sure what the
series was. However, the lot number is 275B. I'm looking for what
trucks it would have had in 1937 (I realize that there might have been
a couple of different styles at this stage.)

Dean Payne

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On Nov 24, 2008, at 9:59 AM, Dean Payne wrote:

I built the F&C P&LE 36' DS box, and need only to know what trucks
to stick under it to get it on the layout. The F&C website has a photo
of the kit with Kadee Andrews trucks (for what that's worth), but the only
prototype photo I've seen has regual cast (what the mfgrs. list
as "Bettendorf"... cringe) trucks.
What trucks were these delivered with, and when did they get the
cast sideframe trucks? I can't read the lot number on the online
photo, and don't remember what it is on the decal...

Dean,I have several photos that might answer your question, but it's
hard to help without a lot number or number series.

Richard Hendrickson

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