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Lee Gautreaux


Many thanks for the info. Many, many, many, many, many..... Well,
you get the idea. I wonder what caused the multiple posts to the
list? I hope it is not some sort of nasty viral bug.

Anyway, great info, but can you translate the shorthand with regard to
"RP roof?" I'm not totally versed in roofs.

Also, what is the subject of Ed Hawkin's RMJ article? Is it GM&O
cars, or does it deal with 40' box cars, or is it on AC&F?

By the way, my GM&O pages are in the beginning stages at the following:

Again, many, many thanks,

Lee A. Gautreaux - The tryptophan-filled RailGoat


from Ed Hawkin's data in RMJ 10/1999 --

GM&O series 21000-21999 blt 1947 ACF lot 3057
YSD-2A doors 1st 750, 7p SUP next 250
GM&O series 22000-22419 blt 1947 ACF lot 3141
YSD-2A doors

YSD-2A: 6/6/5 Youngstown (counting from top down)

all cars: 10p rivet 4/4 IDE RP roof 7-rung ladders
brake? running board? trucks?

Model Railroading, 4/1989 has a photo of GM&O #21690

A partial photo of GM&O #21365 shows black ends, pole pockets

Tim O'Connor

I am trying to determine the origin of the entire series GM&O
21000-22419. Ed Kaminski has the group GM&O 22000-22419 blt by AC&F
(lot #3141) in 12/1947. However, the ORER's all list them lumped
together with the previous 1000 cars. Can somebody provide builder
info on GM&O 21000-21999?


Lee A. Gautreaux - The RailGoat

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