Re: Polymer Corp., Ltd / Polysar tank cars


Frank Valoczy wrote:
. . . they moved a lot of latices in tank cars (which I assume would
have been cars like this . . .
I assume this plural is formed by false analogy with "index,
indices?" <g>
This is the plural I have fairly consistently found in the relevant
technical literature that I have consulted. As to its origin, I don't
know, I've worked mostly with Finno-Ugric languages, not Romance and
Germanic ones. ;) (Interestingly enough, the spellchecker says
"Finno-Ugric" is misspelt, but "latices" is not.)

Would the latex lining not react somehow with the latex then loaded
into the tank?
The statement of "latex lining" could have meant
"latex-resistant lining."
That would make sense. What would be used for such a lining? I'd guess not
glass, but perhaps some particular plastic?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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