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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

I suspect much of that may be "brand identification", i.e. Westinghouse vs. GE vs. Allis-Chalmers and so forth, but there does seem to be better ability to deal with excess heat these days leading to cleaner casings with less fins and heat exchanger pipes than in the past. Try searching on the OWI or Google/LIFE photo sites for "electrical", "transformer", "substation" and so forth and you ought to be able to find lots of dated photos. Yout typical hydroelectric dam, nuclear plant, or TVA article ought to have good pictures.


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From: Bruce Smith

In looking at the Walthers Northern Power and Light Substation, it looks
like there are a number of transformers that might make interesting loads.
My concern is that the main transformer has relative sharp corners - ie a
very boxy shape. Many older transformers seem to have rounded ends. When
did box shaped transformers come into use?

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