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My guess, to judge from both what the earlier-mentioned C&O employee and
the hints in the photograph suggest, is that the meaning of the entry is
that the car is insulated, and used for transporting latex. It doesn't
mention what sort of insulation it is? I could see it being some sort of
thermal insulation to prevent extremes of temperature?

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

The entry in the UTLX listing is very cryptic, consisting of


at the top of the column with the car numbers. There are a number of car
groups with INSULATED, but this series is the only one with LATEX.

Steve Hile
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Frank Valoczy wrote:
> . . . they moved a lot of latices in tank cars (which I assume would
> have been cars like this . . .

I assume this plural is formed by false analogy with "index,
indices?" <g>

> Would the latex lining not react somehow with the latex then loaded
> into the tank?

The statement of "latex lining" could have meant
"latex-resistant lining."

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