Re: Electrical Transformers

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

I, too, wonder about "brand identification" here, Bruce, but do
not seem to recall large transformers with square ends until into the
1960's. It may be a question of cheaper to fabricate just as it has
been with locomotive housing. I wonder, however, if you might have
overlooked the Stewart Products cast metal transformers with the
rounded ends. These may no longer be available but were offered for
years and made great loads for deep well center flat cars. One would
make a great pattern for additional castings in resin.

Take care, Don Valentine

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In looking at the Walthers Northern Power and Light Substation, it
like there are a number of transformers that might make interesting
My concern is that the main transformer has relative sharp
corners - ie a
very boxy shape. Many older transformers seem to have rounded
ends. When
did box shaped transformers come into use?


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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