Re: UP A-50-12 (converted to bunk car) about to be scrapped

Schuyler Larrabee

Hi Folks

A UP A-50-12 (converted to bunk car) sitting in Laramie is about to be
scrapped. It was built by Ralston Steel Car Company in 1929, one of
the series 152001-152500. As far as I can tell it is still on its
original trucks.

Are there any particular photos or measurements anyone wants before the
car is gone forever? If so, contact me off list. The car is in
excellent shape.

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming
Our leader Mr Brock was quite restrained in his response, but since you likely have a digital
camera, and digital images take virtually (snicker) no space, and could be put on a CD if they
challenge your hard drive capacity, I'd suggest you head out and take as many images as your
patience will stand. Underbody images would, as Mike said, be very useful, but all kinds of details
should be covered because once this is gone, it won't be possible to document it then. Many of us
take the standard 3/4 views, and call it done, but when you start to model something, there is
always< ONE more view that you wish had been taken.
Case in point: I am building the shake-n-take model Greg Martin organized, but I cannot find a view
that shows what kind of bracket was used to support the air hose. It's obscured by the coupler in
the one truly worthwhile photo I have to work with.


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