Re: Rivets

Ed Schleyer

Thank you. I would appreciate that, 1'm doing a 2 dimensional CAD
drawing and I would like the rendering to be accurate.
Ed Schleyer
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There was an article on rivets in Mainline Modeler, probably the
April 1997
one by Gene Green. If you don't have that issue, I'll look it up
for you.

Jack Burgess

During the early 1900's, the PRR used a rivet that went into a
hole. Does anyone know what size the Rivet was, or is?
Of all the drawings of the "sills" that I have had a chance to
there is NO reference to size of rivet. By 1950's standards, the
would be 1/32" smaller than the hole. Doesn't seem that there
would be
that many nonstandard rivets made.
Ed Schleyer


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