Norfolk Southern box car

Charles Hladik

The Carolina Piedmont Division of the Mid-Eastern Region of the NMRA has
acquired some box cars as a fund raiser.
They are 40 foot Accurail PS-1s painted by Bowser. They are Gray with
the Red N and Black S and a DF label and a built date of 7-57. They have 8 foot
door. The ends are gray and not the prototypical black. The numbers are,
1599, 1600, 1624, 1631, 1645, 1676, 1679 and 1700.
Cost is $15.00 per car and s/h is $5.00 for the first car. $2.50 more
for up to 3 more cars. If you want all 8 numbers, shipping total will be $10.00.
Make checks payable to:
Send To:
John A. Janosko
264 White Cedar Lane
Youngsville, N.C. 27596
_johnajan@... (mailto:johnajan@...)

Chuck Hladik
Rutland railroad
Virginia Division

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