Re: Intermountain 1958 cu ft covered hoppers for sale

Paul Lyons


What is the build date on the NKP car?

Paul Lyons

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Subject: [STMFC] Intermountain 1958 cu ft covered hoppers for sale

I have received my order of the new Intermountain Railway Co. HO AC&F 1958 cu ft 2 bay covered hopper. These cars are all done in the earlier square hatch with triangular side cut-outs, and appear to be in as-delivered paint/lettering schemes

# 48606 UNION PACIFIC CH-70-1 built 1940. Have 6 numbers
# 48603 GREAT NORTHERN built 1951 w/ Timken roller bearing, min red
# 48605 SHIPPER's CAR LINE built 1948 gray SHPX 4 #'s
# 48604 NICKEL PLATE Road only one car left

These cars carry an IMRRCO list price of $32.00 each. I am offering them at $26.00 each. Shipping charges will apply. If interested, please contact me off-list (PLEASE) at <midcentury@...> Thanks,
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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