Re: Pipe loads on the cheap

John Swanson <dwlscbq@...>

This will bear on pipe loads.
My Father-in-Law was in charge of large plumbing crews, (as I recall) several hundred men, at Clinton Corn Processing.
He told me of working in a pit with up to 1200 PSI steam lines, caustic lines, acid lines, product lines, and so fourth running around him.
The pipes would be up to 6 feet in diameter and would often be so large that industrial cranes were required to install them.
Clinton Corn always had at least 30, repeat 30, plumbing crews working. They installed new pipe lines and replaced pipe around the plant.

I nearly hired out in the drafting department which had in excess of 20 men in the mid 1960's. The main function of the department was to measure and figure out how to fit in new piping lines and then draft the result.Pipe is a large factor in a grain processing industry.

My main point is that the wall thickness of the pipe is determined by its application.

John Swanson

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