Re: Philadelphia Quartz Type 21 tank car

Richard Hendrickson

On Nov 27, 2008, at 2:21 PM, Brian Leppert wrote:

My Buckeye ARA truck does NOT represent a double truss truck. It does
represent a side frame design where the lower chords are an "inverted
U-section", much like the upper chords. They differ from the upper
chords in that their sides curve in at the bottom and leave a lip
around the openings on the bottom....
The prototype trucks in the photo have normal U-section lower
chords. Notice that a raised beading completely encircles each side
frame window. The TMW Buckeye truck differs on this detail, but
still, I think, comes the closest with its spring plank, close spring
spacing, and open bolster end details.

Owing to the holidays, I'm several days late in responding to this,
but I feel obliged to say that Brian is entirely correct and that my
post was based (though it should not have been) on an erroneous
recollection. Mea culpa. I should have walked ten feet from my
office into my shop and actually looked at the trucks.

Richard Hendrickson

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