Re: Intermountain new HO 70 ton spring plank truck

Tim O'Connor

Andy I'd like to get oh, three of the ACF hopper kits.

Do you still have any Red Caboose mech reefers?


At 12/2/2008 04:17 PM Tuesday, you wrote:

I received my HO Intermountain undec AC&F 2 bay covered hopper kits.

This is the debut car for the new IMRRCo 70 ton plain journal spring plank truck. I will be offering these trucks in early 2009 as wheelset-less pairs, price TBD.

The AC&F 2 bays have a list price of $20.00. Contact me off-list(PLEASE)if interested in obtaining a $16.00 kit.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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