Re: Clasp brakes on trucks

Tim O'Connor


SP bought hundreds of ore cars beginning in 1958 w/ clasp brakes
(two brake pads per wheel). The cars had to be lifted over Beaumont
Hill and I guess SP didn't want any runaways... Power for the trains
could be 15 +/- diesel units, all with dynamics.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/2/2008 01:40 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
This is at the early portion of this FC list's era.

What were the advantages of clasp vs. more-modern FC brakes . . . over
just adding fifty-percent more to doubling the pads? Many six-wheel
trucked cars used these in the 1920s. When did they disappear on North
American FCs (currently used on high-speed pass loco's)? Did the CD
vs. AB brake schedule change their advantages? Did they made it harder
or easier to balance clamping pressures. They appear to have violated
the KISS principle, and made the truck assemblies longer and heavier.

Al Kresse

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