Re: Northern Pacific Lettering Changes

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 2, 2008, at 7:31 AM, railsnw1 wrote:

I have been trying to get a better understanding on the changes to the
lettering on Northern Pacific boxcars. In looking through a number of
photos from around the late 30's I'm seeing NP cars with the
arched "NORTHERN PACIFIC" and below it the car number only without
the "N.P.".

Does anyone have a time frame when this type of lettering would have
changed to the reporting marks above the car number?

Richard, I have two photos of NP wood sheathed box cars with the old
lettering which were repainted and reweighed in 1937, so that
stenciling arrangement lasted at least that long. However, the
9480-9999 series box cars had reporting marks above the numbers when
delivered by Pacific Car & Foundry in 1937 (but no monad emblems!) ,
so I think it's safe to assume that the change occurred at that time.

Richard Hendrickson

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