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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

In 1981 I worked at a plant that made thread protectors for oilfield products. They were steel. There were both internal and external types, with variations in shape and configuration, I'm guessing based on whether they were for API or NPT threads.

Another potential freight car load: We would receive (in PA ) loads of used protectors from the field (western and southwestern US) for refurbishment by pickling and chasing the threads. Even in '81 it made economic sense to do this for the large (16+ inch) sizes. In the Steam Era - when labor was cheap and material expensive, I would not be surprised to learn that all but the smallest sizes were recycled.


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From: Earl Tuson

Both the drill pipe and casing are threaded, and require protective caps during shipment. Nowadays those are plastic (bright blue, red, and so forth,) but I don't know what was used during the steam era.

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