Prototype Info


Since I do not currently have a layout for lack of suitable space, I am doing what I can in the meantime, i.e.: trying to assemble research, and maybe build a few kits. My goal this year is to get some L&N resin caboose kits assembled.
If any of you happen to come up with some good prototype info on the L&N, NC&StL, or TC please give me a shout, either here or off-line. I am always looking for good resources to help me in my quest of modeling these RR's prototypically, and I am still very much a beginner as I have said before.
I just got Vollrath's list of photo's (steam locos) for the L&N and NC&StL, and in the list he mentions that he has an extensive freight car photo list, 40+ pages. Have any of you ordered freight car photo's from him before. TIA.

Warren Dickinson

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