Re: Paint Color Suggestion for Wabash Single Door Boxcar, circa 1942

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I have just built a Sunshine Mini-Kit that utilizes the Tichy Steel USRA Rebuild for a model of a Wabash rebuilt boxcar; the info with the mini-kit indicates the Wabash color was very near the Pennsy freight car color (just reporting what is written and not wanting to start a war on PRR color); also, in the September 2008 RMC, installment 43 of Essential Freight Cars (Post-War AAR boxcars), Ted Culotta features a Wabash car and suggests Badger Modelflex Light Tuscan Oxide Red for a very good approximation of the Wabash oxide red freight color. I used this paint for my Sunshine mini-kit.

In Volume 3, RPC, Pat Wider provided a table of suggested model paint for various prototypes; his suggestion for Wabash is equal parts of Floquil's Southern Brown (#175) and Oxide Red (#186). Since Volume 3 was published in 1999, I believe Floquil has changed its formulas.

Your paint guy might want to look at the Badger color and see what Scalecoat may have that is close. Hope this helps.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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I have an Overland Models Wabash Single Door box car that was
converted from a double door auto box car. Can anyone suggest a paint
color for circa 1942. A scalecoat paint match would be best since
that is what my painter likes to use. Thanks.

Jason Sanford

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